3 reasons Denver Broncos can win double-digit games in 2023

Cincinnati Bengals v Denver Broncos
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Most may not think the Broncos can make much progress in this loaded AFC, but there are reasons why this team can win double-digit games in 2023. The team has done quite a bit of work this offseason after what was perhaps one of the worst seasons in team history in 2022.

Between historically bad coaching and league-leading injuries, the Denver Broncos felt like a minor-league team.

Clear change has been brought into the organization, and nothing bigger than the team trading draft capital to land Sean Payton from the New Orleans Saints. Payton brings nearly two decades of head coaching experience and an offensive expertise that few coaches in the NFL have.

A few reasons stick out as to why the Denver Broncos can win double-digit games in the 2023 season.

Three reasons Denver Broncos can win double-digit games in 2023
1. The team has few holes on their roster

While I am worried about the depth of the team, the top players on this roster create a team with few holes. While they may not have a ton of elite players, they have solid players that have proven to be effective starters in the NFL.

Where is the team's biggest roster weakness? EDGE? Tight end? Running back? You could argue that Denver needs a little boost at a few positions, but I do not think there is a position on the roster where there lies a clear weakness that'll actively prevent Denver from winning games.

I truly believe this, especially on offense. The wide receiver room, tight end room, and offensive line room all got boosts this offseason and now look like complete units.

Denver has a top 10-12 roster in the NFL. Debate a wall.