3 reasons why the Denver Broncos 2023 season could already be over

Could the Denver Broncos 2023 season ALREADY be over?

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2. The Denver Broncos' roster might not be good enough in 2023

The Denver Broncos made a few additions in the trenches by signing Ben Powers, Mike McGlinchey, and Zach Allen. Games in the NFL are won on the inside, and I do think Denver's OL and DL are competent at worst. However, even though the trenches might be solid, the rest of the roster simply might not be good enough in 2023, especially playing in the loaded AFC.

Denver doesn't exactly have anyone of note at pass rusher. Their wide receivers are already dropping like flies, and unless Greg Dulcich or Adam Trautman take off in 2023, their tight ends don't have much juice. I think at worst, the Broncos' roster is league average, and that might not nearly be good enough to make the playoffs in this AFC, which features a slew of top-flight quarterbacks and elite playmakers on both sides of the ball.

Outside of Patrick Surtain II and Justin Simmons, you could honestly argue that Denver does not have a single other "elite" player on the roster. Now, good, great coaching could mask roster issues. Just look at the 2022 New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars. Both rosters were "meh" at best but both clubs won nine games in the regular season and won a playoff game because of good coaching.

I have a burning hot take that Sean Payton is a better head coach than both Brian Daboll and Doug Pederson, so there is reason to believe that Denver can have that type of success in 2023, but their roster might not be good enough at the end of the day, and only time will tell.