3 QBs the Broncos should trade for if teams give up on them

- Former top 3 pick

- A shot at athleticism and upside

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The Denver Broncos aren't exactly in "need" of another quarterback, but they're also not in a position to scoff at a bargain if one becomes available. When Sean Payton was hired by the Broncos, the idea of developing a young quarterback or two immediately became more appealing. Payton has a history of wildly successful offenses and he also has a history of maximizing the abilities of the quarterbacks he's worked with.

Even if his time spent with players like Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, and Taysom Hill was rather short, I think it's abundantly clear that Payton's methods and systems set quarterbacks up for success. Therefore, if a young QB becomes available in a trade, the Denver Broncos should be trying to "buy low" if at all possible.

It turns out there could actually end up being a few young quarterbacks on the market in 2023 and if that's the case, the Denver Broncos would be wise to try and acquire them.

3 quarterbacks the Denver Broncos should trade for if the price is right

3. Matt Corral, Carolina Panthers

When Matt Corral was at his best at Ole Miss, there were some people who felt like he was the best quarterback in the 2022 NFL Draft class. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury at the end of the 2021 season and fell into the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft (like many of his peers in that class).

The Carolina Panthers traded up to select Corral in that draft, not a terrible idea when you consider the fact that QBs are currency in the NFL and they lacked a long-term answer at the time. With that being said, it sounds like Corral could be getting an extended audition for other teams this preseason as the Panthers are moving forward with Bryce Young and Andy Dalton atop their QB depth chart.

Does that mean Matt Corral is undoubtedly getting traded? Absolutely not, but the Panthers might part with him if the price is right and they might simply be hoping he can have a great preseason in order to recoup that third-round value or close to it.

Corral has intriguing arm talent, he's got athleticism, and NFL.com's Lance Zierlein projected him as a fringe first-round pick coming out. Trading for him now, getting three years on a rookie contract for a player with upside? That could be worth looking into if you're a team like the Broncos.

"Small quarterback with a big heart who has learned to play with better maturity and control without losing his edge. Corral played in a quarterback-friendly scheme with well-defined reads, so he needs to prove he can work through full-field progressions and make good decisions with the ball. He's decisive, operating with a quick-trigger release to challenge tight windows and possesses the touch to make challenging bucket throws. He's a fiercely competitive runner but needs to get his slide game up as he's not built to take the pounding from called runs or scrambles. Corral is mobile, but his poise and accuracy wane when forced to move. Discipline has benefitted Corral and he's clearly at his best when operating on-schedule and in rhythm. A spread-based scheme and a player-friendly head coach gives Corral the best opportunity to live up to his potential and challenge to become the best QB from this draft class."

Lance Zierlein (NFL.com)