3 positions the Denver Broncos must target in the 2025 NFL Draft

The Denver Broncos must target these three positions in the 2025 NFL Draft.
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Tight End

Adam Trautman, Greg Dulcich, and Lucas Krull. Not great. While Dulcich and Krull could end up figuring this tight end thing out, it might not be likely. Dulcich has hardly played in the NFL due to nagging hamstring injuries, and Krull is an extremely developmental player.

Trautman is a good floor-raiser, if you will. He's a willing blocker and can catch passes here and there when necessary, and he's been in this offensive system for years, so he knows what is expected. Overall, though, this unit is arguably the worst in the NFL, and it's just a huge need for Denver now and most likely in the future.

The Broncos might be in the market early on in the 2025 NFL Draft in targeting a tight end, which may end up being the remaining piece for this offense.


The Broncos tackle situation could quickly get interesting. They have not drafted a tackle since Garett Bolles in 2017.

The Denver Broncos have not drafted a tackle in SEVEN YEARS!

What are they waiting for? As you can clearly see, even while Denver has an above-average tackle duo with Bolles and Mike McGlinchey, the unit needs some long-term viability, and Bolles is set to be a free agent in 2025. Denver must re-sign Bolles, as he's still performing at a high level, but my goodness, can we please get a tackle from the NFL Draft?

Having good tackle play is one of the most important aspects of a competitive and winning football team, and luckily for the Broncos, Sean Payton has historically invested into his offensive lines with the New Orleans Saints, so the Broncos could have a great tackle prospect next year.

At least, that is my hope. The Broncos must look at these three needs when the 2025 NFL Draft rolls around.