3 positions the Denver Broncos must target on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft

Bo Nix it is.

What other positions does Denver need to target on Day 2?

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The Denver Broncos took Bo Nix with their first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Now that the quarterback is out of the way, what other positions do they need to target? There are some extremely talented players who did not hear their names called in Round 1, and the Broncos should be working the phones to try and get one of more of them.

They do not have a second-round pick, but on the bright side, they got their QB without having to move up the draft board, so they still have all of their picks this year. However, many mock drafts had the Broncos trading down in the first round and still getting Bo Nix, so they also do not have any extra capital.

On Day 2, Rounds 2 and 3 will take place, and Denver is currently slated to pick once at pick 76 unless something changes. What three positions do they need to prioritize the most on Day 2?

1. Defensive Tackle

The Denver Broncos have a more urgent situation at defensive tackle than at EDGE rusher, and Jer'Zhan Newton, arguably the best DT in the 2024 NFL Draft, did not go in the first round, so he is there for the taking on Day 2. The Broncos have one viable starter along the DL in Zach Allen and desperately need another body down there.

Other DT prospects like Maason Smith, Braden Fiske, and Kris Jenkins could all go on Day 2, so Denver should have a good bit of players to choose from. Point is, they got the QB in Bo Nix, and now should look to bolster their defensive front more than anything.