3 positions the Denver Broncos could trade for within the next calendar year

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The Denver Broncos may have some big holes to fill in the next calendar year depending on how things shake out. Let's look at three positions the team could trade for in the next year. Right now, I don't think the Broncos have a glaring weakness on their roster.

Their weakest position is probably center, but they did add two bodies to that unit this offseason. It's definitely still a weakness for the roster and one of the worst center situations in the NFL, but incumbent Lloyd Cushenberry has a great situation around him to break out in 2023.

Other than that, there are at least average players at every other position, making this roster complete. Depending on how the 2023 season goes, the Broncos may be very aggressive next year or perhaps not aggressive at all.

We could debate for hours upon hours about the path the team could take given the 2023 season scenarios. Well, we've seen both Sean Payton and George Paton be hyper-aggressive in improving the roster when they'll have the main roster authority. I think these two could end up continuing to be aggressive to maximize the Super Bowl window that Denver might be entering.

Let's look at three positions the team might trade for in the next calendar year.

3 positions the Denver Broncos could trade for within the next calendar year

1. Edge Rusher

The criteria of this article is "within the next calendar year" so this could mean today, tomorrow, or 11 months from now. One position that I could most definitely see the Denver Broncos adding to is their pass rush. I see a couple of scenarios where this happens this season and next offseason.

The first scenario is Denver being in a playoff position at the bye week. I'm projecting the team to be 5-3 when they hit their bye week. In that case, they may be compelled to add a player or two at the NFL trade deadline.

Well, I think if there is one weak spot on the defense, it'll probably end up being the pass rush once again. It was one of the worst in the NFL last year and the team hardly did a thing to improve it. They signed Frank Clark who can provide a boost, but they seemed to do that because of Baron Browning's recent injury, which could keep him out of regular season games.

Denver could be a good, competitive team and still need a boost somewhere on the roster. If they don't add to the pass rush by the trade deadline this year, they might consider adding to it next offseason when more moves happen.