3 positions the Denver Broncos can add to during the 2023 NFL season

Could we see the Denver Broncos add to certain position groups throughout the 2023 season?
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3 positions the Denver Broncos can add to during the 2023 NFL season

2. Running back

I also think the RB position is one that the team can add to even now before the 2023 season begins. Javonte Williams is rehabbing from his torn ACL and does look to be ready to go for week one, but with knee injuries, or any injury for that matter, it's never a guarantee that the player returns to his pre-injury self.

The team signed Samaje Perine in free agency, who is a career backup that brings average play to the RB position. I don't think Perine can carry RB1 loads week to week, and if Javonte Williams takes some time to return to his old self, Denver's RB performance might be worse than we think. Adding a veteran to this position could bring a much-needed boost and would take some pressure off of Williams to try and carrying the full load if his knee is still sore.

Ezekiel Elliott, Leonard Fournette, and Kareem Hunt are all still free agents and could remain on the market into the season. Any one of them would be fine additions to the Denver Broncos backfield. The team figures to be a run-first offense, and Sean Payton has typically used two running backs regularly.

What may also be an added bonus is that signing an RB during the season would also be a cheap add. We've seen both Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs not sign long-term extensions this offseason, so the RB market is just not what it once was. A team could easily add one of Elliott, Fournette, or Hunt for just a few million dollars, if that.