3 players shooting up Broncos depth chart, 2 falling before first preseason game

- Young WR making a leap

- TE falling?

- Which players are rising and falling on the depth chart before preseason debut?

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The wait is finally over. The Denver Broncos play a game this week. Albeit, it's the first preseason game, but it's a game nonetheless. And the preseason is an opportunity for the fan base to get a risk-free look at the roster, at least in terms of the outcome of the game being insignificant.

Because the Broncos play a game this week, the team will undoubtedly release an "unofficial, but also official" depth chart. The first depth chart of the preseason often reflects seniority and not necessarily exactly how things may be trending in practice. It's not deliberate misdirection but teams know they are required to put those out, and they certainly don't want to give away any secrets with what they release.

With that being said, we have to read the tea leaves and follow the right breadcrumbs when it comes to what's actually happening with the Denver Broncos depth chart. Let's take a look at three players who have been soaring up the depth chart this offseason, and two players who may be falling.

3 Denver Broncos players soaring, 2 falling on the depth chart

Soaring: Caden Sterns, safety

Denver Broncos fans have been expecting Caden Sterns to "officially" be a starter for what feels like forever now. Sterns was a fifth-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Broncos, but showed that he had starter potential in his rookie season. Entering year two, many people felt like Sterns would take over a starter role for the Broncos' defense, and while he was playing a substantially increased role over the first few weeks of the season, he suffered a hip injury that caused him to miss most of the year.

Now entering year three, Sterns has been taking the lion's share of reps as the starting safety alongside veteran superstar Justin Simmons, seemingly replacing Kareem Jackson in that spot.

It looks like, entering his third NFL season, Caden Sterns is finally making that leap into the starting lineup people have been hoping for.