3 overhyped players Broncos fans need to pump the brakes on

- The 'next' Darren Sproles?

- A former Saints breakout player

- An over-hyped rookie

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2. Tyler Badie, running back

Over the course of the 2023 offseason, there's been a lot of discourse over the Denver Broncos running back position. So much of that discussion has centered around the health and availability of Javonte Williams, the team's star third-year running back who missed most of last season with a devastating knee injury.

As questions have persisted about Williams' availability, so have questions about the viable alternatives available in the NFL Draft and free agency. The Broncos have been connected to a number of names both through the Draft and free agency, but up to this point, the only move they have made is signing Samaje Perine.

One of the discussions I've seen throughout the offeseason has centered around this question: Why should the Broncos sign any free agent running back when they've got Tyler Badie?

With no disrespect to Tyler Badie, I'm just not sure how that's a valid question when we're talking about players like Ezekiel Elliott and Dalvin Cook, Pro Bowl running backs who have proven their effectiveness over years of work as NFL running backs. I think Tyler Badie is getting a bit overrated and it's understandable why.

On his first touch as a Denver Bronco, Badie took a swing pass from Russell Wilson down the left sideline for a long touchdown.

Now, I don't want you to sleep on Badie, by any means. He's worth monitoring as a legitimate option as the no. 3 running back this coming season. He was only a rookie last season and he brings an element of speed that the Broncos don't have in either Javonte Williams or Samaje Perine.

But to say the Broncos shouldn't pursue other veteran backs because of Badie's presence on the roster? I think that's what has him in the "overhyped" category for me. People are heaping some seriously lofty expectations on him, comparing his potential role in Sean Payton's offense to that of Darren Sproles in his heyday with the Saints.

I just don't think that's fair for the guy and I'd be much more excited about him if he was the Broncos' RB4 and they were still able to add a quality veteran to split carries with Williams and Perine.