3 non-quarterback prospects the Broncos must pick in the 2024 NFL Draft

Besides quarterback, the Denver Broncos must target these three other players.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos have more holes on their roster besides quarterback, and there are three players who must be picked by the team during the 2024 NFL Draft. Let's table the QB talk for a second and look at some of the other positions on the roster. Besides the passer, the Broncos have long-term needs at wide receiver, left tackle, defensive line, and EDGE rusher.

However, the Broncos roster isn't bad if you will, but it's not great. Great coaches and a great QB can cover up nearly every weakness on a roster, but that doesn't mean Denver should just bank on getting the QB right and not paying attention to their other urgent needs. The Broncos 2024 NFL Draft class will likely include a QB among many other players.

Well, among the non-quarterback prospects, which three should the Broncos draft at all costs?

1. Ja'Tavion Sanders, TE, Texas

The best receiving tight end in the 2024 NFL Draft is Ja'Tavion Sanders from Texas. As of now, it looks like he can go somewhere in the range of picks 50-75, which is the sweet spot that Denver currently is not picking. However, if the Broncos can find a trade-down partner and perhaps acquire a 2024 second-round pick, they could be in a position to nab Sanders, who would bring some much-needed upside into the TE room.

The Broncos re-signed Adam Trautman, who is a solid blocker and adequate receiver. The team also has Greg Dulcich who cannot get his hamstrings healthy. In 2023, the Broncos TE room was among the least productive in the NFL, and adding someone like Sanders at a position of need is a smart move.

2. Ricky Pearsall, WR, Florida

Ricky Pearsall might be able to be had with the Broncos 76th overall pick, but it'll be tight. Not only is Pearsall an insane athletic and polished slot wide receiver prospect, but he also has experience with the Broncos new WR coach, Keary Colbert, who was the WRs coach at Florida in 2022. It's an obvious connection, and the Broncos have made their fair share of roster moves based around connections in the Sean Payton era.

Pearsall won't cost a first-round pick and may not even cost a second-round pick. He's 6'1", so he's got nice height, but does have a leaner frame. Pearsall possesses reliable hands and would come into the NFL playing for a coach he already has at the college level. It's a no-brainer move for the Broncos.

3. Mekhi Wingo, DT, LSU

A second player with a connection to a Denver Broncos coach, Mekhi Wingo has experience with Jamar Cain, who is the Denver Broncos' defensive line coach. In 2022, Cain was the DL coach at LSU, and that also happened to be the most productive year of Wingo's collegiate career. In 2022. Wingo had 46 total tackles, six tackles for loss, and three sacks. He also added four passes defended for good measure.

A bit undersized at 6'1" and 275lbs, Wingo and Cain were clearly able to overcome his size deficiency to become a productive cog on the inside, and Wingo is another player who may not even cost a second-round pick. You have to figure that Jamar Cain would want the Broncos to come away with Wingo or even Maason Smith, another LSU defensive tackle who Cain has worked with.