3 moves that will turn Denver Broncos into a Super Bowl contender

The Denver Broncos CAN become a Super Bowl contender once again!

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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2. Get more explosive on offense

The Denver Broncos offensive play-makers are not good enough. And guess what, gang, the conference championship teams also had something else in common; their play-makers on offense were very good. It's not a coincidence. I think the Broncos could have something with Marvin Mims Jr and Courtland Sutton, but I think they need to work to acquire a true WR1 to finish that room off and make it more explosive.

The tight end position speaks for itself; it was not a good unit at all in 2023. Greg Dulcich's lingering hamstring injuries impacted this unit, as Adam Trautman is just a guy and is not a viable TE1 in the NFL. The running back group is fine, I guess, but I do think it is worth trying to upgrade that unit as well in 2024.

The Denver Broncos need to add more talent to each of their play-making units on offense. They could look to free agency and potentially sign someone like TE Dalton Schultz. They could add a WR in free agency as well, and could further bolster the unit in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Broncos ranked near the bottom of the NFL in many passing categories, and their run game was nothing special.

Overall, I wouldn't call the offense inept, but it was not a good unit at all. Sean Payton's history on offense should serve as some encouragement that he can fix this unit for 2024 and beyond.