3 moves Broncos must make in response to Chargers hiring Jim Harbaugh

The Los Angeles Chargers officially hired Jim Harbaugh, and this is bad news for the Denver Broncos.

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3. Get a franchise QB in the building


The Denver Broncos need a franchise QB like we all need water to live. It's getting insane at this point. Fortunately, the 2024 NFL Draft seems to have several franchise QB options that the team can take a look at. And honestly, I don't think they have much of a choice here. They need to fall in love with a QB in the first round.

It sounds kind of silly, but that's what needs to happen. And frankly, I could not care less if it's JJ McCarthy, Bo Nix, or Michael Penix Jr. I trust Sean Payton and the rest of the front office staff to draft a passer that best fits what they want to do in the future. Justin Herbert is not going anywhere, and I think this coaching stop for Jim Harbaugh is going to be the last one he makes in his coaching career.

The Broncos cannot continue to trot out the veteran retreads. They've tried it for years and it just is not working. The Broncos can, however, trot out a bridge QB for a year, perhaps half a year while they develop a passer. Maybe Denver wants to draft Michigan's JJ McCarthy but also don't think he is ready for Week 1.

Starting someone like Jacoby Brissett for a bit and polishing McCarthy as an NFL passer might be a nice solution. However, Sean Payton might draft a QB in 2024 and throw them into the starting lineup come Week 1. We are not professional football coaches, so we probably don't know the right solution.


One thing I do know is that the Denver Broncos need to get a franchise quarterback.

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