3 most urgent positions for Broncos to fix in 2024

The Denver Broncos have a few urgent positions that they need to fix in 2024.tw

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1. Interior Defensive Line

This is the most urgent need for the Denver Broncos in 2024. Outside of Zach Allen, their defensive line gets no push and struggles to stop the run. It's a weak unit. I've been calling for the Broncos to do something more here for a while now, and I truly have no idea how this front office thought that the DL was going to be adequate with its personnel.

DJ Jones is a fine player, but just doesn't have enough juice up front. He was signed to help the Broncos stop the run, but the Broncos are the worst team in the NFL at doing that. I think there is a path for Jones to stick around in 2024, but perhaps on a reduced number. And guys like Mike Purcell, Jonathan Harris, and Matt Henningsen are just guys. They don't move the needle and should be viewed as backup players.


The Broncos should approach this offseason thinking that they need to fill two starters along the defensive line. Zach Allen has improved every year of his career, and he's been with Vance Joseph each season, so there's reason to believe he can be even better in 2024, but the Broncos simply need more production up front.

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