3 most untouchable players on the Denver Broncos roster

- Starting left tackle

- Superstar corner

- The QB?...

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3. Maybe someone along the offensive line

I was thinking about putting Jerry Jeudy here, but he was apparently being shopped by the Denver Broncos this offseason and did have a price tag, so if the professionals don't think he's untouchable, then why should I, right? I could argue that someone or multiple people along the offensive line are untouchable.

The offensive line is the engine of the offense. Games in the NFL are won at the line of scrimmage, and teams don't win Super Bowls with bad offensive lines. This is especially true for Denver, who looks poised to be a run-first offense and will likely scheme up plays and packages to the strengths of Russell Wilson.

I think the most important position along the offensive line is Garett Bolles, so maybe he is the most untouchable. However, I think Quinn Meinerz is the most talented player along this line, so he could be one too. This is really up for debate.


The Broncos don't have someone along the offensive line in the tiers of Trent Williams, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, or Quenton Nelson, so I do think each player could have a price.

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