3 Moments That Have Altered 2023 Denver Broncos Season

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Every season can be defined by moments. Some moments turn things for the better, while other moments can completely derail individual games and possibly even the course of the season. For the Denver Broncos, there have been three key moments that have altered the course of the 2023 season so far.

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

3 key moments that have defined Denver Broncos 2023 season

3) Failed Two-Point Conversion In Week Two

Full transparency: this section could be completely devoted to arguing how awful the no-call on Courtland Sutton was. Hang the Wilson-to-Brandon Johnson Hail Mary in the hall of great plays that amounted to nothing. The Broncos entered their final drive against the Commanders down eight, needing a miracle to continue play in this game and avoid an 0-2 start. The Broncos converted a tip-drill hail mary, the most improbable of ways to try and fend off a horrid collapse to start their season 0-2. Wilson chucked one deep into the end zone, where a mix of white and red jerseys littered the end zone.

Wilson's pass was caught by Johnson, making the score 35-33 in favor of the Commanders. The Broncos lined up for their two-point conversion, where Wilson would move right and look for Sutton in the end zone. Sutton got to know Commanders defensive back Benjamin St. Juste very well, considering St. Juste gave him a massive hug from behind on the pass attempt.

As the pass fell incomplete, no flags were thrown. As Sutton, the ball, the man on his back, and the hopes of the Broncos in week two hit the ground, any flag stayed in the pockets of the referees, ending Denver's week two game, and starting their season at an unfortunate 0-2, with two losses at home by a combined three points.