3 mistakes Broncos could still make in the 2023 offseason

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Right now, we are about two months from week one of the 2023 NFL season, but there is still, unfortunately, time for the Denver Broncos to make a few more mistakes before the season begins. This is the last thing we want to see, but even the most well-run teams still make giant missteps.

I mean, my goodness, what the Baltimore Ravens did with Lamar Jackson was kind of silly. It felt like they were playing around with his contract extension, and don't even get me started on their overpaying for Odell Beckham, Jr. The Ravens have always been a well-run organization, but clearly had a couple of big missteps recently.

The Broncos also have been well-run, even during this stretch of losing football. Now that a legitimate ownership group is in place, along with competency at head coach and GM, the Broncos have set themselves up nicely for the long term.

With that said, they still have an unfortunate chance to make a few more mistakes before week one begins. Let's cover those.

Three mistakes the Broncos could still make in the 2023 offseason

1. Not bolstering the roster when a player goes down

The Denver Broncos have overused the "next man up" schtick over the last couple of years. George Paton seemed to rely too heavily on the depth of the team instead of going out of his way to replace an injured player. This has been especially true with the wide receivers, who have dealt with their fair share of injuries over the last couple of seasons.

If someone like Greg Dulcich gets hurt and needs to miss a month or so, the right course of action, to me, would be to bring in a free agent who would obviously be an upgrade over just relying on their depth. Making those types of signings when injuries happen is the right thing to do.

Failing to do so would be a huge mistake.

2. Letting bias get in the way of reality

This one could just be me making something up and is not at all ever going to be a mistake the team makes, but could it still happen? The one player that made me think of this second point is KJ Hamler, who appears to be extremely well-liked among players and coaches, but clearly is not an effective NFL player.

He's missed more games than he's played in since being drafted in 2020, and the team perhaps did acquire his replacement in Marvin Mims Jr. I do think some are just assuming that Hamler will be on the roster, but I think they're focusing too much on his name rather than his production. I don't think Hamler has a spot on this roster, especially since Mims is now here and Marquez Callaway has come along as well.

I sincerely do not think he makes the team, but I'm afraid that the Broncos will latch onto his personality and "feel-good" story to make an excuse for him making the team. That would be a huge mistake.

3. Not continuing to evaluate and add to the roster

This one kind of relates to the first point, but it's a bit different. Another mistake I'd hate to see the Broncos make is them sitting on their hands and just running with the current roster. The roster appears to not have any major weaknesses, but you never know if that could be the case once preseason starts.

What happens if Damarri Mathis ends up not playing as well as the team hoped? Would they pursue a veteran free agent like Marcus Peters or Ronald Darby in that case? Would they just give Riley Moss a try? I think if a roster weakness reveals itself between now and when the preseason begins, the Broncos truly need to ask themselves if they'd be better off adding an external free agent to help cover up the weakness.

Again, this does kind of correlate with the next man up point I covered, but I think just because the Broncos' roster seems set right now, does not mean it will feel that way once football begins.

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