3 massive offseason mistakes the Broncos have made so far

The Denver Broncos offseason hasn't been too dramatic, but it's clear that the team has made a few huge mistakes.

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3. Not upgrading from Jarrett Stidham

Folks, Jarrett Stidham isn't good. And yes, I know he's a backup, but the Denver Broncos could have done much better than Stidham as the potential QB2/stopgap option for 2024. With just a handful of starts under his belt, there were many backups who could have presented a strong upgrade over Stidham.

Jacoby Brissett would have made a ton of sense. He's been a backup to a young QB before and has also been a weekly starter in the NFL. Heck, Marcus Mariota would have been an upgrade, as would Mitchell Trubisky have been. Jameis Winston played extremely well in Sean Payton's offense a few years ago, so he would have made a good bit of sense.

Stidham is getting paid $5 million per year on his contract with the Broncos. Winston received a one-year deal worth $4 million. And I'm in the camp that Jimmy Garoppolo would have been an upgrade over Stidham and did get signed for cheaper than what Stidham is making. I'm clearly not an NFL coach and never will be, but I just don't get why the Denver Broncos decided to stick with Stidham to this point.


He's an average backup at best, and there were several high-end backups with more NFL experience that the Broncos should have signed. Ideally though, the Broncos come away with a rookie QB in the 2024 NFL Draft and he does enough to be the Week 1 starter.

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