3 'Make or Break' players on the Broncos roster heading into training camp

Which players must have a good camp and season to continue with the team moving forward?
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RB Javonte Williams

Javonte Williams is poised to start as Denver's running back by week one, but after a strong rookie season, he suffered a significant knee injury and has not returned to his previous form of easily breaking tackles. Denver's loaded running back group raises the possibility of leaving someone out. Reports indicate that second-year Jaleel McLaughlin has excelled in minicamps and OTAs and could emerge as the top running back option.

The running back room includes Williams, Jaleel McLaughlin, Samaje Perine, Audric Estimé, and undrafted rookie Blake Watson, who could make the roster. Javonte is entering year four and did not even start every game he played last season. Denver could end up cutting Perine, but I would not be surprised if Javonte is not the RB1.

Williams is a clear trade candidate, with McLaughlin succeeding, the Estimé pick, and Blake Watson signing. Either before the season or at the deadline, teams like the Dallas Cowboys make a lot of sense for him. The Denver Broncos can capitalize on Javonte's value by trading him. Trading him before the season or at the deadline offers the Broncos a chance to acquire valuable assets like draft picks or players, as his contract expires after this season. Get something for him while you can.

If the Broncos decide to keep Williams before the season, which is the most likely outcome, he would have a 'make or break' status in the roster. Once again, I truly believe that second-year player Jaleel McLaughlin can easily be this team's number-one running back.