3 major Denver Broncos storylines to follow in 2024 NFL offseason

The attention should turn to a few major offseason storylines that need followed.
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Who emerges as the backup quarterback, Zach Wilson or Jarrett Stidham?

As far as I am concerned, Bo Nix is the starting quarterback, and I don't believe Sean Payton is going to be in the business of sitting Nix for a time to get him up to speed in the NFL. To some, the best way to introduce a rookie is to play him immediately, allowing the rookie to take his lumps and whatnot. The QB2 battle should firmly be between Zach Wilson and Jarrett Stidham, and it'd be interesting to see how that plays out.

Zach Wilson has been abysmal in his three years in the NFL, but much of that was due to his surroundings. With a lot less pressure on his shoulders and not being in the New York media, maybe a fresh start is exactly what he needs. Wilson is significantly more talented than Jarrett Stidham, who might be the most stale player in the entire NFL.

I think ideally, Wilson shows enough to allow Denver to cut ties with Stidham, which would give the Broncos one of the youngest QB rooms in the NFL.

How will rookie QB Bo Nix look?

Maybe the biggest storyline to follow is how Bo Nix will look with his reps during the bulk of the offseason activities. Years ago, then-49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo had thrown something like five interceptions in a row during an offseason period. Well, that ended up being the 2019 season when Garoppolo and the 49ers earned a trip to the Super Bowl.

So just because Bo Nix will throw some picks, does not mean he'll do so to the same degree on the field. Now yes, we'd all love to see Nix operate the offense with efficiency during the offseason to at least spark some hope in the fanbase. Nix appears to be the most "NFL ready" of any rookie QB taken, so he'll probably have that hovering over his head all offseason until he proves he can in fact be an NFL quarterback.

Bo Nix is going to get the most attention of any player on the Denver Broncos this offseason.