3 Keys for the Broncos to beat the Jets in Week 5

The Denver Broncos are back home after two games on the road. Can they win their second-consecutive game of the season?

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The Broncos are back home following two consecutive games on the road. This one will be a very special one, as Denver will debut their 'Snowcapped' alternate helmets, and they will be facing their 2022-23 struggling head coach Natahiel Hackett, who is now the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets.

The Broncos won their week 4 matchup against the Chicago Bears and now they are in a great position to not only win back-to-back games but to get their first win at home!

Last season, the Broncos played against the Jets, but Russell Wilson did not play. Brett Rypien was the starting quarterback for Denver.

With that being said, let's take a look at my three main keys for the Broncos to beat the New York Jets in their week 5 matchup.

1. Stop the Run

If it was not for the Jets running game ... this offense could be one of the worst in the league. Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook can be a very tough running back tandem for the struggling Broncos defense. Despite having a limited workload last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, and overall, in the first four games of the season, the second-year stud running back Breece Hall had 9.3 yards/carry against KC, now, entering week 5, it was announced that Hall will not have a limited workload, which means that he will not have a snap limit due to his ACL tear in the 2022-23 season.

The Broncos defense against the run has not been the best. They were able to contain Josh Jacobs to only 48 rushing yards in week 1, but since then ... Commanders RB Brian Robinson had 87 yards and two touchdowns in week 2. Raheem Mostert had 82 yards, and 3 touchdowns, De'Von Achane had 203 yards plus two touchdowns in week 3. Bears' RB Khalil Herbert had 103 rushing yards against Denver in week 4. The Broncos defense cannot keep allowing too many rushing yards.

2. Make Zach Wilson drop back, and create defensive turnovers

The Jets, who many expected to have a huge season with the future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers, are not doing quite well, as Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles during the Jets opening drive of the season. Zach Wilson has been playing at quarterback since Rodgers got injured, and statistically, he is not doing well. He is the fifth-worst in passing yards with 712 (178 per game on average), third-worst in completion percentage (58.5 percent), 4 passing touchdowns, 1 lost fumble, and 4 interceptions (Tied for third-worst). Additionally, he is the 8th most-sacked quarterback.

With that being said, the Broncos defense must take advantage, by putting a lot of pressure on Zach, forcing him to to make bad throws that will end in incompletions and hopefully turnovers.

3. Win the second half again

Through the first three weeks, the Denver Broncos were outscored 63-22 in the second half. Against the Chicago Bears, last week, the outcome improved, as Denver won the second half 24-7. Overall, in order to be a successful team, you must be good in all four quarters, but since the Broncos have struggled in the second half, I am giving it a bit more importance.

The Jets have a very good defense overall, and Russell Wilson must play great in order for the Broncos to get their second consecutive win of the season. Obviously, the rest of the team too, but good quarterback play gives you a boost over your opponent.

Bonus - Count down the clock to the Jets offense

Nathaniel Hackett, who was the Denver Broncos head coach for 15 games during the 2022-23 season, struggled a lot, and one of the main reasons for his failure was the lack of offensive creativity and the bad clock management. During home games, fans even counted down the play clock. Denver has no delay of game penalties so far this season, under Hackett, the Broncos had six of these penalties. The Broncos were third-worst in pre-snap penalties under Hackett too. Fans will probably be a huge factor for this game, especially to put pressure on Nathaniel Hackett, who is now the offensive coordinator, and offensive play caller for the New York Jets.

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Can the Broncos win back-to-back games? What are your main keys for Denver to win the game?