3 journeyman quarterbacks could be options for Broncos in 2024

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All signs point towards the Denver Broncos having a new starting quarterback for the 2024 season. After two seasons under Russell Wilson, the team appears to be heading in a new direction. As the Broncos look for a new quarterback, theres a strong chance that their starter for 2024 might not be in the organization right now.

Sean Payton and George Paton should have been looking carefully at quarterbacks starting in week 18, because one might be the next starting man for the Denver Broncos in 2024. These three Week 18 starters might be the signal caller for the Broncos in 2024.

1) Ryan Tannehill (Titans)

Ryan Tannehill has had an incredibly strong second act of his career in Tennessee with the Titans. Tannehill, now 35, is set to be a free agent this spring after five seasons in Nashville. Tannehill took a back seat to Will Levis for the brunt of 2023, and struggled in his small sample size. The veteran's 35.2 QBR was the worst mark of his Titan tenure, and his touchdown to interception ratio of 4:7 was easily the worst of his career. Tannehill, however, was at his best when the Titans were leaning on a strong running game, had strong weapons on the outside, and were able to open up the passing game over the middle of the field.

The plan that the Titans were able to use effectively mirrors what the Broncos have been hoping to be able to do this year, and going forward under Sean Payton. The Broncos are going to look to use the middle of the field more next year, and a quarterback like Tannehill could be a strong candidate to do so in orange and blue. Tannehill could also pose as a one-year stopgap for the Broncos as they look for a future quarterback, whether it comes in the form of their 2024 first-round selection or not.