3 guarantees for the Denver Broncos in the next calendar year

These changes are guaranteed to happen in the next calendar year for the Denver Broncos.

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2. Guarantee: The Broncos will use their 2024 first-round pick to bolster the defensive front

The Denver Broncos need some serious help along the defensive front seven. It's been a rough go at it for the entire unit in 2023, but man, the pass rush and defensive line just has not shown up at all in 2023. I guarantee that the Denver Broncos will use their 2024 first-round pick on a true EDGE rusher or someone along the defensive line. Jared Verse is a first-round prospect in 2024 and is someone that comes to mind.

Denver hasn't really had a consistent pass rush since 2018, when Von Miller and then-rookie Bradley Chubb combined for over 20 sacks. Denver needs that type of guy back along their defense, and games in the NFL are won in the trenches, so I think this is perhaps the team's most urgent need going forward.

3. Guarantee: Sean Payton is going to be very aggressive next offseason

The Denver Broncos are projected to be in a bit of a cap crunch next offseason, but with a few cuts and restructures, this team can spend again in free agency. They also have a first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and with Sean Payton having the final roster authority, I believe he'll be very aggressive next offseason.

Payton enjoyed a Hall of Fame head coaching career with the New Orleans Saints, taking a year off in 2022. He seemed to enjoy that year off but decided to return to the NFL sidelines with the Broncos in 2023. So, here is my reasoning for Payton being aggressive next offseason:

Firstly, Payton turns 60 this year, so it's not like he's going to be coaching for the next 15 years. I'm sure he can coach in the NFL for as long as he wants, but 60 years old is... old. I don't think Payton took this job to oversee a rebuilding process. Plus, why would he want to do that given his amazing record in New Orleans? It doesn't make sense to me.

I think Payton is going to be aggressive in getting this roster ready to compete each and every year. Secondly, the Broncos were very aggressive last offseason, and Payton was the one who got the final say on the roster moves. Sure, Denver might not have as much cap space next offseason as they did last offseason, but I don't see why Payton wouldn't be aggressive, especially based on what he's had to see on the defensive side of the ball.

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Denver needs an influx of talent on defense, really at all three levels, so I don't think Sean Payton is going to shy away from again dipping into the free agency pool to fill those holes.