3 guarantees for the Denver Broncos in the 2023 NFL season

-Better OL play?

-Russell Wilson bouncing back?

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3. Russell Wilson plays more efficiently in 2023

Even if you think Russell Wilson is cooked, you have to believe that he plays better in 2023, right? I mean my goodness, half the time Wilson struggled to complete a pass, but I think there were so many more factors that had to do with his bad play than Wilson himself.

He surely deserves some of the blame for his performance, but I think what he saw with Nathaniel Hackett was one of the worst head coaches in the history of the NFL.

The Broncos will be going from that to one of the best offensive minds in the history of the NFL. I'm truly not sure how much Wilson has left in the tank, but what I feel comfortable in saying is that Russell Wilson will not look like he did in 2022. It just won't happen.


Wilson is going to throw for at least 20 touchdown passes and won't throw for more than 10 interceptions. He'll have better stats across the board and will be a part of a much-improved offe

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