3 Games the Denver Broncos could still win In 2023

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The 2023 Denver Broncos are not good. They are bad, even. Probably very bad. But that doesn't mean they can't win a few more games before the year ends. The Broncos' only win in 2023 so far came at the hands of the Bears in Chicago, but the team has lost all the rest of their games. However, the Broncos' defense showed some serious signs of life in Week 6, holding Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense to just 19 points, easily their best defensive showing this year.

If there is ever a day where the offense and defense click for two whole halves, the Broncos might just win one. Here are three winnable games left on the Broncos 2023 schedule.

Week 7: Home for the Packers

The Broncos should have a decent chance at a win this upcoming week against the Packers. For one, the game is in Denver. The Broncos have played three games in Denver so far this year, all of which they have lost, but all of which were still one-score games within the two-minute warning. The Broncos will welcome the Packers on Sunday, but the game will miss an Aaron Rogers-sized attraction.

Both teams are playing some brutal football lately, and the game will come down to who can be less bad. The Packers started their season alright, starting at 2-1. However, they then got roughed around by the Lions and then lost to the Raiders by a score of 17-13.

Jordan Love has been playing about as inspiring football as Russell Wilson has. The first-year starter has thrown for a tad under 1,100 yards and has thrown six interceptions to his eight touchdowns. AJ Dillon leads the team with 198 rushing yards, and Romeo Dobbs is the leading receiver at 228 yards. The defense, however, has sacked the quarterback 15 times in five games and has produced four interceptions. If the Broncos can play to two of their strengths: control the line and not throw the ball to the defender, they should be able to beat the Packers at home.