3 free agents who make perfect sense for Denver Broncos after 2024 NFL Draft

Could the Denver Broncos STILL improve their roster?
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2. Connor Williams, C

The Denver Broncos did draft a center in the seventh round, the second to last pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but between youth and talent, there is no better free agent left on the market than Connor Williams, a former Dallas Cowboy and Miami Dolphins who is one of the best centers in the NFL. A late-season ACL tear in 2023 has truly derailed what Williams was likely hoping as a cash-in type of offseason.

For Williams, he still has youth on his side, as he's still just 26 years old, turning 27 on May 12th. The Denver Broncos should consider bringing Williams in to see if the ACL recovery can finish, which would allow him to likely cement his status as the C1 for the team in 2024. I know that if the Broncos signed Williams, they'd have about 48 centers in the OL room, but my goodness, protecting Bo Nix should be priority No. 1 for the team, so it would never hurt to keep adding.

3. Justin Simmons, S

Hehe. How about a homecoming? Justin Simmons is somehow still a free agent, but I would say that perhaps Simmons has wanted to wait until the 2024 NFL Draft concluded before signing with a team. He surely has some contract offers out there, and even with the Broncos signing S Brandon Jones in free agency, why not bring Simmons back?

I mean yeah, Simmons might not have a desire to return to the team and might desire to play for a true contender, but what if Simmons never wanted to leave in the first place? You have to wonder how much longer Justin Simmons stays on the open market before the Denver Broncos sniff around the possibility of bringing him back.