3 free agents who can help Denver Broncos make playoffs in 2023

Could the Denver Broncos make a playoff push in 2023?
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If the Denver Broncos can beat the Buffalo Bills in Week 10, the team positions itself in a decent spot to potentially go on a run and make the postseason in 2023. The Broncos have the second-longest playoff drought streak in the NFL, only behind the New York Jets. At some point, the team has to return to the postseason, right? Teams aren't bad forever, are they?

Well, over the last month, the Broncos have begun to find an identity and look like a competent team. The defense is playing extremely well, and Payton's record after the bye week is encouraging. If Denver can beat Buffalo, the team will improve to 4-5 with a slew of winnable games left.

And who knows, maybe they'd even look at the current free agent market for some last minute help.

3 free agents who can help Denver Broncos make playoffs in 2023
1. William Jackson III, CB

The Denver Broncos could use some help in the secondary, even with newcomers Fabian Moreau and Ja'Quan McMillian playing well. Over the last several weeks, Moreau and McMillian have worked their way into the starting lineup. Moreau has replaced Damarri Mathis, who was simply horrid in coverage this year.

McMillian replaced Essang Bassey, who replaced K'Waun Williams. McMillian is one of the highest-graded cornerbacks in football, according to PFF. There is definitely still some instability here. What happens if Moreau goes down? Will the team really turn back to Mathis? I think a better idea might be to sign William Jackson III, a veteran CB who is on the market.

He's 31 and has five interceptions and 51 passes defended across 75 total games ion the NFL. Jackson fizzled out after playing in 16 games across the 2021 and 2022 seasons with Washington, but he's healthy now and could provide a solid presence in the secondary room.