3 free agents Broncos should sign after wave of roster cuts around the NFL

Could the Denver Broncos make some solid FA additions after major roster cuts?

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2. Denzel Mims, WR

The Denver Broncos need to add a pass catcher. Chosen Anderson was my first proposal. My next proposal is someone a bit bigger and younger in Denzel Mims, a former second-round pick of the New York Jets.

Mims has just never been able to find his footing in the NFL, but he did put up 357 yards during his rookie season. Mims has all the talent in the world; he's essentially the same exact size as Courtland Sutton and has 4.3 speed.

He's also still 25 years old, and I'm sure some team is bound to take a flier on Denzel Mims. The Denver Broncos need to overturn every single stone until they can field a competent WR core in 2023. I feel like if Denver wants to gradually build their roster into a Super Bowl contending one, they need to take these low-risk, high-reward moves. Denzel Mims would cost virtually nothing but does have the allure of being a former second-round pick.