3 final moves the Denver Broncos can make to ensure a 10-win season in 2024

The Denver Broncos can still make some moves to ensure a 10-win season in 2024.
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The Denver Broncos have some room and reason to make a few more moves before the 2024 NFL Season begins, and these three would ensure them a 10-win season.

The team is not as far away as you might think. Let's not forget that they won eight games in 2023 after starting 1-5 and with a bottom-7 QB in Russell Wilson. They got better, so they can win more games in 2024. Why are we overthinking this? I think talk of the Broncos winning just four or five games in the coming season is just flat-out wrong and not based in any logic.

Sure, I'll admit if I am wrong and the Broncos are a disaster in 2024, but I can't see it. In fact, this team could ensure a 10-win season if they made these three remaining moves.

3 final moves the Denver Broncos can make to ensure a 10-win season in 2024
Sign OC Connor Williams

A recent report about the free agent center surfaced recently:

This is excellent news for the Denver Broncos, who lost Lloyd Cushenberry in free agency to the Tennessee Titans. Cush signed a deal worth $50 million, so there was absolutely no way that the Broncos would have matched that offer. It's a deserving payday for the former LSU Tiger. He was a liability during his first three seasons in the NFL, but did play the best ball of his career in 2023.

The Denver Broncos have a gaping hole at center that could likely go to Alex Forsyth or Luke Wattenberg. Right now, there is simply no one proved at this position group, and Connor Williams has been among the better centers in the NFL. A season-ending knee injury prematurely ended his 2023 season and definitely kept him from getting a long-term deal.

Had Williams entered free agency healthy, he likely could have signed a deal worth more than what Cushenberry got. The Broncos can get a top center in the NFL for pennies, so this is an obvious move.