3 dream scenarios for the Broncos to finish out the 2023 offseason

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The 2023 offseason is about halfway over already. What three dream scenarios could the Denver Broncos execute to finish out their 2023 season preparations? The two main events left for NFL teams are the 2023 NFL Draft and the last waves of free agency after the draft.

After that, the offseason activities will begin and teams will continue to prepare for the upcoming campaign. There will be some more roster movement and tweaking between now and week one, and the Broncos can benefit from these three dream scenarios if they can make them happen in the near future.

Denver Broncos' dream scenarios to conclude the 2023 offseason
1. Broncos sign OC Connor McGovern

This would be a dream. McGovern has been one of the best centers in the NFL since leaving Denver for the New York Jets three years ago. That $27 million contract he signed is up and still remains a free agent. Bringing him back for a year or two would put a nice bow on the Broncos' offensive line, which has gotten a bit of an overhaul this year.

While it's likely Denver may just take to the 2023 NFL Draft to find a long-term answer at center, signing McGovern for some immediate improvement makes a lot of sense.