3 dream scenarios that would boost Denver Broncos' Super Bowl odds

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
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3 dream scenarios that would boost Denver Broncos' Super Bowl odds
2. Russell Wilson doesn't miss a beat, returns to old self in Sean Payton's offense

This is also a huge dream and every single Broncos fan should be hoping for this. A dream scenario isn't just seeing Russell Wilson bounce back in a big way, but him bouncing back to the point where he looks like his old self from the 2017-2020 seasons where he didn't throw less than 31 touchdown passes.

Perhaps playing in this offense, which is likely to feature a tough run game and play-action, will help Wilson get back to what made him one of the most efficient passers in the NFL. Moreover, this would likely give Denver a top scoring offense, too, perhaps even ranking inside the top 10. In Sean Payton's career as a head coach in the NFL, his scoring offenses have ranked lower than 12th in points scored just one time, so there is an over 90% chance that the Broncos field a top 12 unit.

This, coupled with what we'd assume to be a solid defense would give Denver one of the most balanced teams in the NFL and would allow them to easily win double-digit games. If 2023 is another year where the offense is stagnant, 2023 will be a long year and questions will arise about what Denver should do with their QB situation.