3 difficult decisions Broncos must make due to salary cap issues

The Denver Broncos are going to be active with their salary cap this offseason

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3. Russell Wilson's contract is extremely unfortunate

Russell Wilson's extension with the Denver Broncos was allegedly a demand from the ownership group. Anyway, the extension proved to not be a wise decision, and given Wilson's play in 2024, the Broncos might just have to deal with it. It's not likely that a team would come close to trading for the QB, who turns 36 during the 2024 NFL Season.

Even though Wilson tallied 29 total touchdowns and just eight interceptions, his limitations as a QB were obvious in 2023. He rarely found a groove in the middle of the field or in the intermediate game, two parts of an NFL offense that need to be efficient. Honestly, Russell Wilson's 2024 season felt like a dump-off to a running back or a big play to Courtland Sutton.

And both of those ingredients fueled the game-winning drives that we saw from Wilson in 2023. Well, the team may just have to cut the quarterback. By doing so, they'd eat $35.4 million in dead cap in 2024 and save $0. This is if they designate the cut post-June 1st. You can see Russell Wilson's contract here; it's not pretty.