3 Denver Broncos who have the most trade value in 2024

Are these three players on the Denver Broncos the mot valuable in hypothetical trades?

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3. Zach Allen, DE

I definitely had a hard time picking the player who I thought could fetch the third-most in a hypothetical trade. The Broncos effectively replaced Dre'Mont Jones with Zach Allen in 2023, and so far, the results have been good for Denver. In 2023, Allen had more sacks, total tackles, tackles for loss, an QB hits.

He actually had double the QB hits to Jones, who finished with just 12. This marks the second straight year that Allen has had at least five sacks and 20 QB hits, so he is a legitimate pass-rush threat from the interior. Obviously, Denver is not looking to trade Zach Allen, as he is the Broncos' best DL, but I think he could fetch the most in a trade behind Patrick Surtain II and Quinn Meinerz.

Allen signed a three-year contract with the Broncos last offseason and is under contract for the next two seasons. I do think if Zach Allen has another strong year in 2024, the Broncos will look to extend him yet again, locking him up for his entire prime and bringing some cap savings. Allen has played each year of his career in Vance Joseph's defenses, and he's gotten better each year.

I don't think it'd be out of the question to see Allen flirt with 10 sacks and 30 QB hits in 2024 if the Broncos can bring in some much-needed help along the defensive front. I think the Broncos could probably fetch a third-round pick and some change for Zach Allen in a hypothetical trade. Allen is going to be a crucial piece of the defensive line going forward, so obviously they aren't looking to trade him.


The Broncos could actually restructure his contract to save some cap space this year, so that'd be something to watch out for with Allen.

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