3 Denver Broncos who have the most trade value in 2024

Are these three players on the Denver Broncos the mot valuable in hypothetical trades?

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The Denver Broncos might be in a place where they trade veteran players this offseason. Do these three players have the most trade value on the roster? Without a second-round pick in 2024, the team might be in a place to trade away a veteran player to try and recoup draft capital. Some may argue that trading away a veteran player for capital is just filling one hole (more draft picks) only to create another.

I totally understand that mindset, but if the offers are strong enough, I think Denver should jump on the chance to trade someone. When looking at the roster, I think it's pretty clear which player would fetch the most in a trade. Well, what about other players? Which three players on the Denver Broncos roster would fetch the most in a trade this offseason?

1. Patrick Surtain II, CB

This isn't news. If the Broncos wanted to make a bold move to recoup the lost draft capital with the Russell Wilson trade, Patrick Surtain II would easily fetch the most in a hypothetical trade. I personally think the Broncos do need to trade PS2 this offseason, as the potential return could be great. I understand that Denver would be creating a huge need at CB, but the possibility of them getting multiple first-round picks back is a better value to the team than extending Surtain for over $20 million per year.

I don't think the Broncos are in a roster position to be handing over a CB a ton of money on a contract extension. They should prioritize other more important positions, and trading Surtain can aid in that. I think Denver could get two first-round picks back for PS2.