3 Denver Broncos players entering 2024 in precarious situations

These Denver Broncos are in shaky situations.
Denver Broncos Mandatory Minicamp
Denver Broncos Mandatory Minicamp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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Tim Patrick, WR

Am I the only one that thinks that Tim Patrick isn't 100% safe? I mean, he's now 30 years old and has missed the last two full seasons with major injuries to his ACL and Achilles. He last played a regular season game in 2021, so there is a very good chance, at least in my eyes, that he's lost a huge step. Denver also added Josh Reynolds and Troy Franklin to the mix, who both might be better than Patrick at this point.

Returning WR Brandon Johnson showed some flashes in limited action in 2023, and you never know, maybe Marvin Mims Jr can take a huge leap forward. All of a sudden, Tim Patrick could find himself on the roster bubble, which is just not ideal for him. He came back in 2024 on a reduced deal, and he'll likely have to earn his spot, no matter how much he is valued in the locker room.

A Broncos team without Tim Patrick sounds crazy, but it simply might not be.

Every center on the roster

Yes, every single center on the Broncos roster is in a precarious situation. No one truly knows who ends up separating themselves in this unit and ultimately wins the starting job. The hope is probably Alex Forsyth winning it, who was a seventh-round pick of the Broncos in the 2023 NFL Draft. He was also once teammates with Bo Nix at Oregon.

The familiarity there could be enough for the Broncos to favor Forsyth, but he, Luke Wattenberg, Sam Mustipher, and rookie Nick Gargiulo are all unproven, and right now, a top-10 center in Connor Williams is still on the free agent market. An ACL tear has really derailed his free agency plans, but he's a top-end player when healthy and should be good for the start of the regular season.

If Denver were to sign Williams, the centers currently on the roster would be in an extremely uncertain situation for 2024.