3 'Make or Break' players on the Broncos roster heading into training camp

Which players must have a good camp and season to continue with the team moving forward?
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S Caden Sterns

The Broncos released long-time captain Justin Simmons before free agency and signed Brandon Jones. Additionally, Denver re-signed PJ Locke. Sterns looked like a good selection for Denver a couple of years ago, but like Dulcich, he has not stayed healthy. He has played in six games over the past two seasons. He had a hip injury in 2022 and a patellar tendon injury in 2023.

As a rookie, he had good moments and beat veteran Kareem Jackson for the starting spot next to Simmons last year. He got injured during the Broncos' opening game against the Raiders and missed the entire season. He has not practiced yet this year.

With Simmons gone, Sterns hopes to stay healthy and prove that the team should keep him, especially because he becomes a free agent after the upcoming 2024-25 season. He faces a competitive training camp. His performance will be crucial in determining his place with the team. He has played limited snaps due to injuries, despite his talent when healthy. Missing time raises questions among the coaches regarding his availability for the upcoming season.

Are the days for these three players in Denver numbered, or will they prove that they are worth a spot on the roster and in the starting lineup?