3 Denver Broncos who will make the Pro Bowl in 2023

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Three Denver Broncos who will make the Pro Bowl in 2023
3. QB Russell Wilson

If anyone can get production out of Russell Wilson, the list probably reads Andy Reid and Sean Payton. Payton is going to "fix" Russell Wilson and he'll quickly look like his old self that we witnessed for years in Seattle.

What Seattle seemed to have done for all those years was establish a top running game and a top defense. From there, they were able to run some juicy play-action while the defense was expecting the run. This allowed Wilson to be crazy efficient through the air.

In 2023, we'll see the Broncos run an offense that'll allow Wilson to flourish like he did in Seattle. Wilson made nine Pro Bowls himself, so he's not a stranger to this accolade.

This would be a nice change of pace from the QB play that has plagued the Broncos since 2017. I am curious to see what happens with Wilson going forward if he does bounce back in 2023. He turns 35 this season, so he isn't young anymore.

Will Denver keep him around for a few more years if he shows efficiency again? His contract isn't something the team can move on from for another couple of years, so maybe Denver will just ride it out with him if he shows efficiency until the contract is truly moveable.

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