3 Denver Broncos legends to announce 2023 NFL Draft Selections

Former Broncos RB Terrell Davis
Former Broncos RB Terrell Davis / Bruce Yeung/GettyImages

The 2023 NFL Draft is getting closer, we still don't know which players the Denver Broncos will select with those five picks they have (at the moment), but we already know that familiar faces for the team, former Broncos players, and an additional guest will announce some of these draft picks.

It was recently announced that three former players, plus Mexican Flag Football superstar quarterback Diana Flores will announce Denver's 2023 Draft picks.

The Denver Broncos do not have a first or second-round pick this year, and they might move up, but right now they do not have one. The first pick for the Broncos comes in the third round (pick 67 overall). Representing the Denver Broncos, as part of the NFL Legends, it was announced that former Super Bowl 50 Champion and Hall of Fame DE DeMarcus Ware will announce at least one of the two Broncos' Day 2 Draft selections. The last time that DeMarcus Ware announced a Denver Broncos Draft pick, it was a good one, now a 3x Second-Team All-Pro and a Pro Bowler, safety Justin Simmons. One of the best Broncos draft picks in recent years.

Denver has three Day 3 draft picks, one in round four (108th Overall), one in round five (139th Overall), and the last one in round six (195th Overall). One of these draft selections will be announced from Mexico City, as a part of a Broncos Draft event in the neighboring country of Mexico. This Broncos Draft pick will be announced by two former players and a special guest. These players are Hall of Fame RB Terrell Davis and QB Jake Plummer.

The special guest that will help them announce the pick will be AFC's 2022-23 Pro Bowl offensive coordinator Diana Flores, a flag football superstar quarterback from Mexico. She is a Global Ambassador for the NFL, regarding the Flag Football sport, and was the main character in an NFL Super Bowl LVII Commercial.

So as a recap, DeMarcus Ware will announce a Denver Broncos' Day 2 Draft pick on stage in Kansas City, and Terrell Davis and Jake Plummer, alongside Diana Flores, will announce a Day 3 Pick as a part of the Broncos Draft Event in Mexico City.

Which prospects do you want this group of players to announce as new members of the Denver Broncos?

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