3 Broncos we're eager to see off the team in the future

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The Denver Broncos are positioning themselves nicely for the 2023 season, but there are a few players on the roster that we're eager to see off the team in the near future.

I think there's one obvious candidate for a player we're eager to see no longer wearing the orange and blue, but no one is going to universally agree on the "good" and the "bad" players on any given roster.

Whether these players are dealt with this offseason or in the future, I think there are three obvious choices for players who we may be eager to see off the team.

3 Denver Broncos we're eager to see off the roster in the near future
1. Randy Gregory, EDGE

The first one is Randy Gregory, one of the Broncos' big free agency signings from last year. He appeared in just six games in 2022 due to a knee injury he had a procedure on. He managed two sacks and also managed to continue living up to his status as an injury-prone player who cannot stay on the field.

His cap hit in 2023 is a whopping $16.1 million, one of the highest on the team. The five-year deal he signed last year was effectively a two-year pact, and Denver can get out of it next season for just $2.1 million in dead money all while saving $14 million on their cap figure.

Unless Gregory plays out of his mind in 2023, we'll be glad to see the team part ways with him when the 2023 season ends.