3 contracts that will pay off big-time for the Denver Broncos

-Two decisions along the OL were excellent moves

-Boosting the defensive line

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3 contracts that will pay off big-time for the Denver Broncos

2. Paying Mike McGlinchey

Some may think that the Denver Broncos paid too much for Mike McGlinchey, but the truth is, even if they did, it was a move that they needed to do. McGlinchey is not an elite right tackle; he struggles sometimes in pass protection but he is an elite run blocker. Overall, he's probably one of the 10 best right tackles in the NFL, which is a huge upgrade over what Denver has had in recent years.

Free agency is sometimes where players get a bit more than their worth, and that's something that's been the case for years and years. I bet another team would have paid McGlinchey a very similar amount to be their franchise right tackle. The Broncos shouldn't be crucified for signing a very good player to help a unit of weakness.

McGlinchey will make the OL better, and I think it's clear that the Denver Broncos will be a run-first team. The 6'8" RT will get to showcase what he does best in a run-first offense, so I think his weaknesses in pass protection will be hidden. However, what I will say is that Sean Payton-coached teams have usually always had top-tier offensive lines, so there is a distinct possibility that McGlinchey can improve upon his pass-protection skillset.

This was a move that the Denver Broncos needed to make to get the most out of Russell Wilson. McGlinchey is hopefully going to be a long-term fixture in Denver, but the team can get out of the deal after three years.