3 College QBs who could start for Broncos if Russell Wilson leaves

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The landscape of the Denver Broncos should change drastically if the team continues its current 1-5 trend in 2023. One major change the team could make would be at the quarterback position. If the Broncos move on from Russell Wilson, it would signal the white flag on what should have been a franchise-propelling trade. If the Broncos move on from Wilson, a new signal caller will be in Denver, and the Broncos will be firmly back on the quarterback carousel.

Here are three college quarterbacks the Broncos could start in 2024 under Sean Payton. For the sake of this exercise, let's assume the Broncos do not land the first overall selection, and cannot draft Caleb Williams from USC.

3 2024 NFL Draft prospects at QB for Denver Broncos

1) Drake Maye, North Carolina

Drake Maye is likely the best quarterback in this draft cycle not named Caleb Williams. Maye, a UNC product, has all the physical traits and quarterbacking ability to make it as a legitimate starter in the NFL for multiple years, potentially becoming one of the game's better signal callers while he is around. Arguably, the only thing working against Maye is that he is not Caleb Williams and that he does not play at a traditional football school. Maye stands in at 6'5", 220 pounds, and will be 21 until just before the 2024 season begins, turning 22 on August 30th.

Maye has been on fire to start the year for North Carolina. He is completing 69% of his passes, has thrown for over 1,900 yards, and hit the endzone 12 times through six games. Maye is also an accomplished runner, which is a strong trait for any quarterback, let alone one of his size. Maye has run for 944 yards in his college career on 252 attempts, much of which have been kneeling out the clock.

If Maye were to leave for the draft, he could be in play for the Broncos. The Bears are likely to land at the first overall pick by way of the Panthers, and then potentially have the second overall pick through their own record. If this is the case, Maye would be sitting pretty for the Broncos, making him the next great quarterback in Denver.