3 catastrophes the Denver Broncos must avoid in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Denver Broncos need to avoid these catastrophes at all costs!
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3. The Broncos must avoid not coming away with a tackle prospect

The last time the Denver Broncos took a tackle in the NFL Draft was.... *checks notes*... Garett Bolles in 2017. Yeah, it's been that long. The team has had Bolles entrenched as their starter since then, but they've also tried guys like Calvin Anderson, Cam Fleming, Bobby Massie, and Mike McGlinchey at the right tackle spot, with a couple of them playing LT if Bolles wasn't able to play.

And well, while McGlinchey is fine at tackle, he's largely overpaid and pretty average. He's a poor pass blocker and a menace in the run game, but is paid like an elite right tackle. McGlinchey isn't likely going to be here for the long haul, and Garett Bolles is not only a free agent next offseason, but turns 32 in May.

The Denver Broncos need to get another young tackle or two into the mix for OL coach Zach Strief to try and mold into a long-term fixture along the OL. The Broncos are also likely going to extend stud right guard Quinn Meinerz in the near future, so the Broncos might need to get cheaper at a tackle spot.

Meinerz isn't just the Broncos best OL, but he's arguably the best overall guard in the NFL. The 2024 NFL Draft is quite deep at OT, so there really is no reason for Denver to miss out on taking one or more. Sean Payton has prioritized the trenches during his time in New Orleans, so perhaps we'll see Denver take a swing on a tackle at some point.