3 catastrophes the Denver Broncos must avoid in the 2023 season

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3. Russell Wilson, Sean Payton's offense not meshing

The worst thing above all that the team should work to avoid in 2023 is Russell Wilson not playing at a good enough level to win games. I don't think anyone expected Wilson to play as poorly as he did in 2022, but rumors swirling from Denver indicated that the offense never really had an identity and simply threw things at the wall on offense and hoped it stuck.

Then there was the disastrous amount of injuries the team had to deal with as well. There was a laundry list of things that went wrong but the offense and Russell Wilson was front and center.

In 2023, I think it's clear that based on the Broncos' offseason moves, they plan on being a run-first team. Their offensive line signings and other offensive free agent additions indicate a clear offensive identity being established, and one that Russell Wilson excelled in when he was in Seattle for a decade.

I truly believe that Russell Wilson will be fine again in 2023. He did unveil a significant weight loss this offseason, so perhaps some of his mobility will come back too, which would be a huge bonus. Now, to be fair, if Wilson is truly falling off the cliff, then I don't think there's much that can be done by Payton and co. to get Wilson where he needs to be.

I'd like to think that he's not washed up and still has some great years left in the tank.

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