3 Broncos players who might be safe in 2024 with salary cap increase

A few players on the Denver Broncos might now be safe after the recent news of the salary cap figure for 2024.

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2. Courtland Sutton, WR

Courtland Sutton has two more years left on his deal and just wrapped up the best season of his career, setting a career-high with 10 touchdown passes, continually making circus catches nearly every week. Sutton will turn 29 in October of 2024, so he is beginning to get up there in age, which I don't think is nothing.

While Sutton is a good receiver, he's been a part of a very inconsistent WR room on the Broncos over the last several seasons. The team has rostered a ton of talent at the WR position including KJ Hamler, Sutton, Tim Patrick, and Jerry Jeudy, but all four at some point struggled with injuries or inconsistencies.

Hamler isn't with the team anymore, and Patrick has missed two-straight seasons with injuries. With Jerry Jeudy being a few years younger than Sutton, the Broncos might opt to get younger at wide receiver, and Sutton might have a large trade value than Jeudy.

However, the salary cap increase might now turn the Broncos focus to perhaps offering Courtland Sutton a contract extension for his great play during the 2023 NFL Season. Over The Cap gives the Broncos a cap savings of $9,580,000 in 2024 with an extension. Even though Sutton himself can be inconsistent at times, he does bring a ton of value to the offense, especially as a red-zone threat.

A rookie QB would definitely benefit from having Sutton at his disposal, as Sutton is also a true 50/50 ball player too, so all a QB has to do sometimes is just give Sutton a chance to make a play, as evidenced in 2023.