3 Broncos players who have stood out, 2 who have stumbled at OTAs

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The Denver Broncos are entering their final week of OTAs, which means there's soon to be a big break before teams reconvene for training camp in July. The Denver Broncos have had a number of voluntary OTA workouts and practices before their mandatory minicamp, and a number of players have already managed to start standing out.

Of course, the pads aren't on, and we really only have the words of head coach Sean Payton and the vague descriptions of practice from media to base these opinions on, but some players have definitely made an impression early on. Unfortunately, some players are already starting to stand out in somewhat of a negative way, as well.

Let's take a look at a handful of players on this roster, some who are doing well at OTAs by all accounts, and others who may be stumbling.

Denver Broncos OTA standout no. 1: Greg Dulcich, TE

The Greg Dulcich hype train has officially left the station for the second consecutive year at OTAs. Last year around this time, the hype on Dulcich had reached runaway freight train status. Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton was asked earlier in the offseason -- shortly after he was hired -- what his thoughts were on the offense and he was asked a specific question about Greg Dulcich, in particular. He gave a very interesting response at the time, saying that, "some of it was hard" regarding the evaluation.

His vague response when asked specifically about Dulcich caused a bit of a panic in Broncos Country. But then during OTAs, Payton was asked about Dulcich again after Dulcich had a good day of practice. His response in June could not have been more of a polar opposite to what we saw from him back in January.

It's going to be absolutely huge for the Denver Broncos if Greg Dulcich can actually give the team some star power at the tight end position. It's already exciting enough that Sean Payton seems to be envisioning Dulcich in a similar role to some of the star tight ends he has had in the past, but it's even better to know that Dulcich appears to be seizing his opportunity at OTAs coming off of an injury-hindered rookie season.

In other words, the talk on Dulcich is not just talk -- it's on-field substance that's impressing this new coaching staff.