3 Broncos players already on the chopping block before OTAs

Who's on the chopping block early?
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2. Samaje Perine, RB

If you're a conspiracy theory type, you might have noticed that Samaje Perine wasn't included in the Denver Broncos' uniform reveal while Javonte Williams and Jaleel McLaughlin were. As Brian Windhorst might ask -- now why would they do that?

The team's decision to go after Audric Estimé in the 2024 NFL Draft and prioritize undrafted free agent Blake Watson (essentially investing more money than they would a 6th-round pick) add even more fuel to the fire that Samaje Perine won't be around this coming season for the Denver Broncos.

Perine was extremely effective in the role he was asked to play last year for the Broncos. He was a tremendous weapon for the team in their two-minute drill, playing a big role as a receiver out of the backfield and really becoming a primary weapon for Russell Wilson in the passing game. The Broncos wouldn't have had their impressive winning streak last season without Perine and his contributions.

Still, it was a little odd that he didn't even reach 100 carries on the season. Perine wasn't nearly as featured in the running game as he probably should have been, and now the Broncos have decisions to make with a handful of young players on the roster.

The arrival of Estimé, in particular, feels like bad news for Perine.