3 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Denver Broncos will hopefully usher in a new era of football in about one week.
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Broncos selection at pick 12 is an EDGE Rusher

Sean Payton was with the New Orleans Saints from 2006-2021. Let's look at the team's first-round picks in each of those drafts to perhaps get an idea of what direction Denver goes in

2006: RB
2007: WR
2008: DT
2009: DB
2010: DB
2011: DE
2012: Not with team - suspended
2013: DB
2014: WR
2015: OT
2016: DT
2017: DB
2018: DE
2019: OC
2020: OC
2021: DE

So, nine defensive and six offensive players were chosen from 2006-2021 in Sean Payton's first pick in each NFL Draft. Four of those nine defensive players were defensive backs and five of them were along the defensive line. So, there you have it. Now yes, the idea of an inside linebacker going in the first round in today's NFL is unlikely.

Statistically speaking, it seems to be slightly more likely that the Denver Broncos will make a selection along the defensive front with their first-round pick, and if they cannot trade up, I believe they will stick at 12 and take the best DL prospect on the board. I refuse to believe this team is going to take a DB with pick 12. Well, I don't want it to happen, and it would be an insanely silly move.

Dallas Turner or Jared Verse seem like two players who the Denver Broncos could target with their first-round pick, and if they have a high enough grade on one of the DTs in Johnny Newton or Byron Murphy II, they could go that route, too.