3 bold predictions for Denver Broncos, AFC West in the 2024 NFL Season

Let's make three bold predictions for the Denver Broncos and AFC West in the 2024 NFL Season.
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Denver Broncos finish second in the division

Why can't they? They have a better roster and head coach than the Los Angeles Chargers, and it's hard to take the Las Vegas Raiders seriously. The Broncos did go 8-9 in the 2024 NFL Season and finished the year winning seven of their final 11 games. They did lose both games to the Raiders, but the Raiders did get a bit worse, and it's hard to argue that the Broncos did not get better.

Obviously, the Kansas City Chiefs have a stranglehold on the division and on the NFL, winning the AFC West each year since 2016 and winning three out of the last five Super Bowls. The Chiefs might not lose the division for another seven years, so it's just been a brutal stretch for Denver and the other AFC West teams.

However, finishing second in this division in 2024 would be a solid accomplishment, especially if Bo Nix ends up being the primary starter. It'd be hard to not be extremely optimistic about the Broncos for 2025 and beyond if they were able to not only finish second but perhaps finish with a winning record as well.

Let's all remind ourselves just how shaky this Denver Broncos team was in 2023, yet they managed to win eight games. The defense was historically bad for about six weeks, which contributed to the team's 1-5 start. Russell Wilson was also a bottom-10 QB most of the year, save for some fourth-quarter dramatics.

The run game was inconsistent, and the Broncos' defensive line was among the worst in the NFL. The secondary couldn't stop a nosebleed, and the offense ranked just 19th in the NFL in points scored. When you look at the additions and subtractions that the Broncos have made, it's hard to see this team winning less than they did last season.