3 bold predictions for Denver Broncos, AFC West in the 2024 NFL Season

Let's make three bold predictions for the Denver Broncos and AFC West in the 2024 NFL Season.
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Three of the AFC West teams underwent significant changes this offseason. Let's try to make some bold predictions for the division and for the Denver Broncos. Honestly, if all goes well, the AFC West could end up being a two-horse race in 2024.

For a time in 2023, it actually was. Denver and KC were 7-6 and 8-5 at one point in 2023, and with the Broncos at the time surging, the end of the year could have led to some fireworks, but Denver won just one game over their final four contests.

We are still a few months away from the start of the 2024 regular season, but that won't stop us from making some bold predictions.

3 bold predictions for Denver Broncos, AFC West in the 2024 NFL Season

Houston Texans beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs

I've already proclaimed the Houston Texans as the Super Bowl champions in 2024, and for them to get to the big game, they may just have to go through Kansas City, and I think they can do that. Top to bottom, I like Houston's roster better than Kansas City's, and the Chiefs aren't immune to losing in the playoffs.

In fact, they weren't a great team by any means in 2023, as their offense was just flat-out average. Defensively, they had one of the best units in the NFL, but KC wasn't bulldozing over teams like they have done in previous seasons. You could also argue that the team didn't get appreciably better this offseason.

Sure, Chiefs GM Brett Veach is among the best at his job in the NFL, so it's not like this team is going to fall off and miss the postseason, but let's not assume that they'll again make it to the Super Bowl. Whether it's the Divisional Round or the AFC Championship Game, the Texans will get the best of the Chiefs.