3 Bold Predictions for the Denver Broncos Week 1 vs. Raiders

Are the Denver Broncos going to blow out the Raiders? How is Week 1 going to go?
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The Denver Broncos enter 2023 looking to expel demons from their failed 2022 campaign. The Broncos finished just 5-12 and were the laughingstock of the NFL while head coach Nathaniel Hackett failed to make it through one season. As the Broncos gear up for 2023, they look to put last season behind them and open up 2023 with a bang.

In doing so, there will be some big games on hand for the Broncos. Here are three bold predictions for the Broncos in week one versus the Raiders.

3 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos against the Las Vegas Raiders

1) Broncos Blow Out The Raiders

If there is one way to kill any and all good vibes entering week one, the Raiders have found a way to do it. As the Raiders try and prep for week one, all-time pass rusher Chandler Jones, who ranks 37th all-time with 112 sacks, aired the dirty laundry that he could not enter the Raiders facility to work out and had to instead work out at a public gym. He stated, "'It’s a shame that I am a top athlete with 112 sacks in the NFL and I have to go to a local gym to work out during the season for no apparent reason,' he said in the message, 'this is wild to me Josh and you know it you need to do what’s right."

In their first year after unceremoniously kicking franchise great QB Derek Carr out of town, the Raiders now have one of the better pass rushers in football today unable to work out in the team gym, and instead needing to hit up the local Planet Fitness or YMCA. Needless to say, the "vibes" are not great entering 2023 for the Raiders.

On top of off-the-field issues, the Raiders downgraded at quarterback, are running out most of their same squad from last year that ended 6-11, and still have Josh McDaniels at the helm. All of this mushed together paints a hopeful picture for the Broncos. The Broncos open at home in their first game under Sean Payton, are entering the season on a good note, and will not just beat the Raiders, but beat them by more than two scores. That's right, the Broncos are going to blow out the Raiders in week one.