3 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos offense in 2023

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Three bold predictions for the Denver Broncos offense in 2023
3. Russell Wilson has a 3:1 TD-INT ratio

My last bold prediction is that Russell Wilson returns to his normal, efficient ways in 2023. I predict that he'll finish with a TD-INT ratio of 3:1 or better. I recently predicted every game of Wilson's 2023 season, and I landed on him throwing for 26 touchdowns against eight interceptions, which is a slightly better than 3:1 ratio.

I think Denver is going to install a run-first offense that utilizes heavy play-action off of that. That is, in a roundabout way, what Russell Wilson was doing in Seattle for all those years. He has been an incredibly efficient QB before, so this would not be new to him, but many think that Wilson is over the hump and is totally washed.

I could not disagree more, and even if he does this, I'm not necessarily saying he needs to light up the stat sheet. He may only throw for 20-24 touchdowns in this type of offense. Maybe he has indeed lost a step and isn't what he once was.

Maybe Sean Payton will have to work extra hard to squeeze what's left out of Russell Wilson. That might be the case, but even in that case, I think Wilson is still an efficient passer in 2023.

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